Hi, I am Mateusz

Junior front-end developer

who am I?

I started my journey from wordpress & freelancing bootcamp thinking that I will be a web developing master after the course is over. Fortunatelly for me I realized that it is only a drop in the ocean and started to learn coding. As over 30 years old man I am 100% sure that it is not another short-term idea for myself, but it is the way I want my life to go. I can only regret, that I discovered it that late. I took part in another bootcamp that gave me a solid background for HTML, CSS, Javascript and React. I still remember, that it is only a beginning and there is a lot of learning in front of me, but I like it and take every day to develop my skills.

My projects

html, css & js projects

I am highly motivated and strongly focused on my way to become Frontend Developer. I have finished Frontend Developer 3-months intensive course provided by Future Collars including HTML, CSS, JavaScript and React.js technologies. My priority for the nearest future is to improve my JavaScript and React skills that will allow me to become Frontend Developer.

I am looking actively looking for the first Junior Frontend Developer role. If you are a recruiter and find my skill not good enough, I will appreciate a feedback from you with explanation what must I improve to get the job.

my contact details:

E-Mail: mateusz_rajek@wp.pl